Being swept away

Phu Ruea

Sometimes nothing happens as one expects, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Attitude is important and one must know how to let oneself be swept away.

The travel drive kicked me off the western comfort of Pai and I was heading to Isaan, the Northeast region of Thailand, the most rural and less touristy. But exactly when I was starting to hitchhike I began to feel something wrong in my stomach. Around Pai there was a kind of virus and everybody was a whole day throwing up and with diarrhea. Damn it! It wouldn’t be very nice if I throw up and shit to the road from a pickup stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes But I could manage it well, and after a couple of vomits, nothing to eat in the whole day and sleep a lot I woke up next day fresh as a daisy muscle

After a couple of days hitchhiking towards Loei, in a village whose name I do not care to remember, the local postman insisted on I couldn’t get a lift there and, with all his kindness, drag me to the police station and convinced the policemen to take me to the previous (bigger) village to take a bus. And that’s how I hitchhiked a police car and had to buy a bus ticket to Phuruea (or Phurua or Phu Ruea, you’ll see it written in different ways).

When arrived there was light still so I was trying to hitchhike when Michel, a German guy who rented a motorbike in Loei to drive around, stopped. He told me about Phu Ruea National Park and I decided to follow his advice, forget about Loei and spend there the night. And I couldn’t do anything better. Loei is expensive for sleeping and for just a bit more I could rent a tent, a good sleeping bag, a sleeping pad and a pillow in the National Park itself (it was 265 bahts for renting but I had to pay also the entrance fee for the park, 200 bahts for farangs). I found myself missing those times when I used to camp with my family in Mojácar (Almería) or in Peguerinos (Madrid) smile When come back to Spain we have to do it again smiley

Next day I woke up early to enjoy a wonderful sunrise over the National Park and a healthy walk into the jungle.

It’s just that sometimes it’s better to be swept away.

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