Hello World!

Hello World! And welcome to Navarradas.com!

If you have not read still my description, what are you waiting for!?

Introductory delirium

And for those you’ve already read it… you know how this works, right? I’ll just write down here my nonsenses and you’ll read them, pray to me like a God and comment the post telling me how wonderful am I stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

Well, in this first post I just want to tell you how I’m organizing the blog and what’s all of this about. Any suggestion is welcome, of course! smile
I’m still modifying blog’s look and feel, so you’ll see some updates from time to time. Just tell me what do you think about them! wink You can see in the menu a contact section where you can write me and tell me any dramatic story about your dull lives.

As for me, I’ll try to write once a week. But the time will come when I’ll be in the middle of nowhere and I won’t be able to write anything or I’ll just be having so much fun that I couldn’t care less to take the computer and write whatever joy joy joy Anyway, I’ll write frequently.

The trip

Well, the beginning of the trip. I want to travel all around the world in a Very Low Cost mode: CouchSurfing, Hitchhiking, Voluntary work, Wwoofing… and I’m starting with some European trips:

  • Romania, with some friends who are living there (Miky, Bea, say “Hello”!)
  • Denmark, where I was in March, but now I’m going to Legoland! (yes, what’s the problem, I like Legos, other people like to stick it to goats and I don’t say a word unamused )
  • Norway, although I’ll miss the northern lights (again cry ) because, if you pay attention, Norway is fucking big and I could spend almost 2 weeks hitchhiking the way from Oslo to Narvik and return so, provided I don’t end up cryogenized on the road, I would stay very few days in Narvik and I could miss them anyway. So I’ll just explore the south part of the country from Oslo to Bergen.

At the end of November I’ll take a flight from Oslo to Bangkok and the real backpacking trip around Southeast Asia will start: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines… Although I don’t have a specific plan, the idea is to be carried along by people.

Mi original idea included occasional jobs to get some incomes, but visas in some countries are short-term and the cost of living is quite low so I’ll do only voluntary works and wwoofing probably. Then I’ll move to Singapore, Australia or New Zealand to get a legal job and save money during some months before head towards India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Taiwan…

I’ll probably do a second stop in Japan and South Korea (I’ll also consider to visit our friend Kim Jong-un). After a couple of years in Asia and Oceania, it will be the time to go back Europe… my way: hitchhiking Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Middle-East (at least Iran, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon). Although I could skip Middle-East and do it together with the north of Africa. Who knows, I prefer to plan only up to 3 months ahead.


Blog structure

If you own observation skills which normally defines intellectual readers (well, let’s say semi-intellectual) you’ll notice the blog is bilingual. And yes, my intention is to write in both languages, Spanish and English (let’s see how long I keep my word). Although, for my own sanity, I’m not doing a literal translation from Spanish to English but both versions will be very similar. That way I’ll be able to tell the same to Spanish and English speakers while I don’t spend hours looking for the exact words. Although I have to say that my sense of humor is always better in Spanish, hahahaha (or at least you’ll understand it better I think).

I’ll organize my posts in categories and tags. Tags can be seen at the blog’s right column, like a word cloud, and categories (which mainly will be continents and countries I visit) will be in the main menu. That way if anyone wants to visit any country where I’ve been to, he/she will access easily to all my posts related to that region. I’ll upload videos, photos, maps, routes, hosts, etc. I’ll probably create a section in the blog for a map with all visited regions. Just remind I’m traveling in a Very Low Cost mode so at least hosts could be not what you are looking for. I’ll also add to the menu a section to tell you how to get by traveling that way.
Step by step all those changes will appear in the blog, give it time.



You can see at the end of every post and also in the top of the right column some ads spaces. Would be good if you click there once in a while (and sometimes the ads are interesting!). Only from time to time!! Otherwise it would be very obvious you’re not interested in the ads. Click in the ads is free, of course, but that way I can get some incomes for each click. What I get is negligible, but every little bit helps and all the bits really add up smile

Additionally you’ll see soon other section to ask me for whatever you want me to buy and send to you: postcards, magnets, beer, wine… whatever you want from any country I visit. It will be my own crowdfunding.


Melodramatic farewell

Finally, I want to show my gratitude to all those people who always support me and now again are doing it in this new stage of my life which will take me through new and unknown paths. I want to share this with you, even from afar. Not much time ago I watch the film Into The Wild and there is not doubt that its moral is its best lesson: happiness only real when shared.

Alea Iacta Est

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