Lopburi, Monkey City

Monkeys Fest in Lopburi

After Bangkok I thought about visiting Ayutthaya city (former capital of the kingdom with the same name which existed between XIV and XVIII centuries, precursor of Thailand). Jai, a nice Thai guy I met wandering around Bangkok‘s temples, was born there and I was going to visit him. But then I found out the last Sunday of November every year from 1989 Lopburi celebrates the Monkey Banquet: a feast in which city monkeys are fed with tons of fruit. The fact is that Lopburi is well-known as the Monkey City because a lot of them live there. One can see them making mess anywhere in the city or stealing objects from unaware tourists. The feast is celebrated in Phra Prang Sam Yod temple, where most of the monkeys are.

I decided to skip Ayutthaya ruins and go directly to Lopburi. The feast start at 10:00 but it’s repeated (with less food) at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 and it costs 50 bahts. Instead of hitchhiking I bought a ticket in the third class of the first train to Lopburi to arrive in time for 10:00 one, but I’d learn a lesson: Thai trains are not punctual ever. So then I had to live with one of the small repetitions.

In Lopburi I’d also taste my first insects: silkworm larvae. They have no flavor, but are sprayed with a sauce to make them tasty.

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