Sukhothai and Kamphaeng Phet

Wat Phra Kaeo in Kamphaeng Phet

And hitchhiking I reached Sukhothai, former capital of the kingdom with the same name which existed between XIII and XV centuries before being absorbed by Ayutthaya Kingdom. In this town is found the Historical Park of Sukhothai, a place where are sited the ruins of that kingdom (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, like Ayutthaya one). It’s divided in several zones which cost 100 bahts each one (around 2,5€) for farangs (you’ll see that in Thailand everything has officially a local price, normally free, and a farang price, around 5-10 times more expensive). It’s possible to rent a bike by 30 bahts in the places surrounding (+10 bahts to get the bike into the place). 1 or 2 hours is more than enough to go around the central zone with the bike. Rest of zones are similar and I think they’re not worthy (although I didn’t get into).

By the way, for ruins lovers the day before I was in Kamphaeng Phet, part of Sukhothai Kingdom. They have their own park (belonging to the same ensemble than Sukhothai so it’s also UNESCO World Heritage Site and cost 100 bahts) and some of the ruins outside the park are free (like Wat Phra Kaeo) and quite similar.

In this town you won’t be unnoticed. Everybody smile you, say hello and ask you if you need help. No farangs here!

It was time to continue hitchhiking towards Chiang Mai and I had just some hours of light. In fact, I couldn’t reach it. It was dark when I arrived to Tak. I tried to hitchhike anyway but not success and finally a guy brought me to the bus station. I had to pay a bus to get Chiang Mai (192 bahts, but the regional buses here are fucking comfortable with super reclining seats. Nothing to do with the urban ones laughing ) but I met Andrea and Hannah in return. They were American girls teaching in the town and were traveling for that weekend to Chiang Mai. We shared our sorrows because next day was the king’s birthday and everything was really full. Finally we got a bus a bit late and arrived to Chiang Mai around 1 AM. Had to barging with the Tuk-Tuk driver but got a good price to take us to downtown and go to a couple of guesthouses. Everything full! After wander around a bit we were offered to sleep in some not-sure-if-could-find-life-here-mattresses in a kind of guesthouse by 100 bahts. What a place… joy joy We needed other one for next night.

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