Towards the South of Laos, Phonsavan

Plain of Jars, Site 1 in Phonsavan

After resting in Ban Na I came back to Nong Khiew and met Belén, the Spanish girl who I met in Pai and then again in Luang Prabang. We kept in touch and then moved together towards the South of Laos. We wanted to do it hitchhiking but those days it started to rain and to be a bit colder and we were not very well prepared so finally we took the bus. We’d prefer the East roads but the buses over there were very expensive so it was cheaper and faster to detour by Luang Prabang. Just after arriving to the city we took a bus towards Vietnam (where we met again the Finnish girls) and get off in Phonsavan at 2 in the morning. We had to look for a guest-house in a desert town due to the curfew in Laos.

In the morning we walk around 3 hours (and again on the way back) to the place for which we came: the Plain of Jars. Well, plains instead, because there are a lot, although we only visited the Site 1. They’re plains of megalithic jars of 2500 years old scattered all around Xieng Khouang province. They’re an important part in the Asian Prehistory but they were bombed by USA in their obsessive war against the Pathet Lao, the Laotian communist movement. Nowadays the surroundings are not yet clean of bombs and one can see several craters on the plain. From 1998 UNESCO is working on the plain and Lao Government has expressed its interest in nominating the site for World Heritage inscription.


Next day it was turn for bus again. It was raining and cold so my sleeping bag kept us warm in the ramshackle bus that, with Josef and Dudu as companion (a nice Austrian couple), move us to Thakhek through the terrible Laotian roads (if we could call them like that).

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