Combat tactics against mosquitoes

Combat tactic against mosquitoes

Developing tactics against mosquitoes

One of the biggest problems of SE Asia are the annoying mosquitoes, carriers of several diseases. This is what one has to do when have a comfortable bed but not place to hang the mosquito net:

How to make water drinkable

In several occasions will need water when we’re just far away from the “civilization” and from bottled water. In developing countries like the ones in SE Asia the water can have a lot of microbes. Some of them will cause only traveler’s diarrhea, but other ones could cause Cholera, Hepatitis and other more serious diseases. Even when immunized, we must be careful (and I guess nobody want to be all day shitting shit ).

If we need to take water from a river, a lake or even a suspect pat we can kill water microorganisms in one of the following ways (short by reliability): Continue reading