Vaccinations for Southeast Asia

Vaccines were one of the first things I thought about when I began to plan my trip. People try to save days going to get the vaccines as late as they can. FAIL! Most of the vaccines need more than 1 dose and time between doses. Additionally, if you’re going to a region where you need several vaccines it can be an EPIC FAIL. I needed 7 vaccines, although I didn’t need to get 5 more since in Europe we’re already immunized for them since we’re kids. I came to the doctor 3 months in advance. Anyway, even if you’re not going to vaccinate in that moment, you should go to the doctor with enough time. He/she will do a vaccination calendar for you.

In this post you’ll find all the vaccination information needed for a backpacking trip to Asia and Oceania (vaccinations for Southeast Asia are mainly enough for the rest of Asia and for Oceania).

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