First stop: Romania

Landscape Transfăgărășan, Romania

Romania, a land where so many European countries only see the source of gypsies, gangs or gorillas. And how different one can see the things when forgets about the unidirectional communication media and embraces new experiences in unknown worlds.

Do you remember where we were? Miky, Bea and me had just arrived to Bucharest after 5 exhausting days driving. Taking advance of the car, Miky took me to go around the Carpathians whereas Bea stayed at home relaxed

So we rested a bit that night and next day we woke up early to carry out the proposed trip:

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The adventure begins: on the way to Romania

Attention: this post is not intended to be a guide to describe any place (I’ll mark them properly when so), but just a post to tell my people about my trip towards Romania (with 4 weeks of delay laughing although I expect to be up to date in the next 2 weeks). In fact, that’s the purpose of this blog, tell my adventures, although I’ll do also guides, as always wink

From Spain to Romania

Leaving Madrid on Monday morning, a bit late we headed by A1 highway towards Irún. We both Miky and me were driving so the trip was supposed to be nice. We wanted to drive toll-free through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and finally Romania. The other option was going through Italy and Slovenia, but Italy is full of tolls and the gas is fucking expensive. On the other hand, the distance in kilometers was more or less the same, around 3500 km, so no necessity to pay extra tolls.

We fucked up just after begin because we didn’t use GPS in Spain (c’mon, we know our own country) and near Irún we drove to the highway and… toll. And… more and more tolls in France until Bordeaux where we slept in a motel that looked like the American films ones.

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