Me, myself and my blog

That’s me:

Well, one of my several selves. One in my adventurer tend which I’m practicing lately. I also have a formal self, although I there are few photos of him stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes As well there exists one peculiar self, for which this blog is named. Some friends could have some material belonging that self which could ruin my formal-self’s image.

All right then, my adventurer self decided some time ago he was tired of living as everybody does, of having a prefabricated life, fitting the powerful will and dictated by the Consumer Society: get a job where they can exploit you giving you just paper and copper which you’ll spend in things you don’t need to live indeed but they will make you look “better and more useful” for the Society so that you can still survive to continue working and contributing to the Society unable to escape; get married and have children, tie yourself down to a mortgage o we’ll do it ourselves with debts, work more for less not seeing the sun as far as you almost reach the average life expectancy; the remainder years before you die we’ll paid you a ridiculous pension in order you can give it away to a nursing home where you’ll be kept away from your family, and… live it up, life is short!
I named this Esperpéntica (Grotesque) Synthesis of the Society, in honor of Valle-Inclán (Spanish writer), who portrayed one century ago a Society barely different to the current one.

So, with that though going around every day for several months, finally was time for change. Was time for live a dream, for live my dream: travel around the world indefinitely, visiting a lot of places and meeting new people on the way; no time, no hurry, no other needs than vital ones and no other possessions than a backpack.

I expect to go all over the World not only from a touristic point of view, but also from a native point of view. I want to fit in, eat, drink, feel, live with and like the people who populate The Earth. The World has a lot to offer and it’s too big to stay all the life in the same place not wanting to discover anything else (and that doesn’t mean that everybody has to leave and travel around the world, but everyone must follow their own dreams).

And the only way to do that is traveling with no money. Living off whatever I get and work on the way, moving whenever I can and however I can.

So NAVARRADAS will be about that: about my adventures and misfortunes around the World.

BTW, just in case anybody wonders the reason of the blog’s name:


by Diego Martínez

f. coloq. It refers to the fact or the saying typical of Carlos Navarro. Beyond the social established doctrines, it does not fall within the scope of the human logic.


I’m Carlos or also Navarro in Spain, I’m Thxng Di in Thailand, I’m Jing Jok or Bro Kngouk in Cambodia, I’m Tu Aw in Myanmar I’m I Gede Karsa in Indonesia. I travel around the world on a budget, with almost no money. I’m an engineer, I’m an IT expert, I’m a tourist guide, I’m a salesperson, I’m a farmer, I’m a barman, I’m a babysitter, I’m a psychologist, I’m a sportsman, I’m a driver, I’m a carrier, I’m a electrician, I’m a plumber, I’m a carpenter, I’m a builder… I’m your lover, your friend, your brother. I’m a solo traveler, a backpacker, a hitchhiker. I’m a dreamer living his dream.