The 4000 islands of Mekhong

Si Phan Don

Short, very short was my time in Si Phan Don (literally 4000 islands) named after the numerous islands in that part of the Mekhong, the last one belonging to Laos. Just a couple of weeks ago I was looking forward to leaving the country and now, despite a bad experience in the first island we slept, I feel sorry for not staying more time here enjoying the relax.

Belén and I arrived to Don Khong hitchhiking a van with some Laotians and a monk. We had to walk some kilometers because nobody took us afterwards and wander around the guesthouses but finally we got a room in Phonesavanh GuestHouse at the Mekhong riverside.

Actually we were in the wrong island sweat_smile We wanted to go to Don Det or to Don Khon, where we could socialize more (Don Khong had not much backpacker’s life). So there we just walked around, ate at the riverside and slept. Next day we took a boat to Don Det, although we had to fight with the asshole who was controlling the boats.

Once in Don Det we found accommodation in a guesthouse by 30000 kip (a bit more than 3€) for both of us, socialize with the backpackers there in the island and chill for some days (only two in my case). We also went one night to Don Khon since there was a local festival there. During the day one can find in that island some tourist attractions or stay in one of its beaches but the fee for crossing the bridge from Don Det is 25000 kip (around 3€) so I didn’t even bother and I was the whole time there writing and enjoying the wonderful food of MamaPap Guesthouse (yeah, they’re very original with the names joy ), 5 minutes away from our guesthouse.

Belén and I separated here in Si Phan Don, although we would meet again in Cambodia after some weeks. In the morning I took a boat back to land, exchanged kip by dollars and started to walk out of the port village to hitchhike towards the border. Eventually I feel sorry for leaving Laos, I’d like to explore all the border side with Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh Trail, one of the most active front-lines during the war. What a pity, next time!


P.S.: Many people ask me if it’s worthy to make a trip just to go to Si Phan Don. In my opinion not, it’s not worthy. If it’s on the way or you just have to do a small detour, that’s fine, otherwise I don’t think it’s worthy to travel hundreds of kilometers just to come here.

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